What We Offer

ESKADENIA Software believes that its continued strength comes from the competence, dedication, and loyalty of its Human Resources. The management is determined to ensure a modern style working force and focuses on providing an excellent working environment & employee satisfaction. The company adopts a compensation level higher than that of the market, and has been recognized as one of the top 10 companies to work for in Jordan.

ESKADENIA Software has a great work environment and compensation package made up of various components. The starting salary is one of the most attractive salaries in the Jordan I.T. sector. ESKADENIA Software provides a clear pension scheme, medical insurance for all its employees, as well as a clear career path that is filled with competence development & training programs on a variety of Technical and Management skills, in addition to a wide exposure to leading edge technologies and co-operation with major international clients.Our employees do travel a lot!
The ESKADENIA Salesforce is motivated. Through a carefully tailored incentive program; performers become partners in the ESKADENIA’s continued success. The variable benefit part is a considerable portion of the total compensation package. This is to encourage an entrepreneurship spirit in the company and to align individual objectives with that of the enterprise. The variable portion of the compensation package includes an amount paid and reserved by the company for investment purposes and a generous bonus scheme for all technical and marketing staff.

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