ESKA® E-Payment is a total solution, which facilitates its users to complete their payment transactions via their mobile wallet. All payment transactions are handled and secured via the integrated payment channel system.

ESKA® E-Payment has a virtual wallet that can be accessed through smart phones where a person could pay for items in a store, settle a restaurant bill, buy airtime for the mobile phone, pay electricity bills, and transfer money to others.

ESKA® E-Payment puts the power of controlling money in the hands of mobile wallet consumers. It is a secure, interoperable and user-friendly solution that will facilitate many financial actions.

ESKA® E-Payment is a service that can be offered by telecom operators, financial institutions, cooperation of both, or by any other type of independent service providers.
  • One stop for all your payment channels
  • Customer transaction monitoring & high security of payments
  • Controlling payments
  • Supports different payment channels, such as POS, SMS, USSD and the mobile app
  • Eases the payment collection process for service providers
  • Increases customer loyalty to service provider
  • Increases customer loyalty to 3rd party payment interfaces
ESKA® E-Payment provides its payment centralization and processing capabilities by utilizing the functionalities of two of ESKADENIA Software’s payment systems:
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Our Customers
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