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Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA team would like to inform you that we are back in full force at the office and have continued normal operations while still following the Jordanian government’s COVID-19 safety procedures. Our activities may be subject to change during these uncertain times, but we assure you that any changes to our operations will not affect our level of service to our customers.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good health.

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Travel Insurance

ESKA® Travel is our travel insurance management system, covering your entire travel insurance processes.

ESKA Travel automates and accelerates the services of individual and group travel insurance policy issuances, endorsements, claims, and reporting in a simple and user friendly manner.

ESKA Travel provides you with end-to-end features for superior insurance in a competitive industry. Furthermore, new features can be easily integrated with the changing insurance regulations and market forces.

ESKA Travel covers the following functionalities:
  • Group, individual, and family travel insurance
  • Basic and additional covers
  • Flexible premium rating based on area, covers, periods, & age bands
  • Claim processing
  • Production
  • Reinsurance agreements

How can this help my business?

Fully digitalized
By creating a digital process, you can not only save time, but also achieve more efficiency amongst your business processes.

Paperless opportunities
In a paper-based work environment, a single employee may lose hours a day to slow organization. Going paperless dramatically increases the efficiency of your employees and processing capacity while saving you on paper costs and office space.

More organized process
Thanks to ESKA Travel’s dynamic features, you can easily set your insurance preferences based on your specific needs, creating a more organized process when dealing with your business needs.

Keep processes up-to-date
Thanks to a convenient notifications system, you can constantly stay on top of all your activities. With an accurate reminder process, you no longer need to worry about tracking your tasks.

Controlling your reports
With ESKA Travel, you can generate all your insurance reports. You can have all your reports ready and print them in several formats such Word, Excel, and PDF.

Key features

  • Group, individual, and family travel insurance.
  • Dynamic setup of basic and additional covers.
  • Flexible premium rating based on area, covers, periods, and age bands.
  • Create and print out travel quotations automatically.
  • Create and issue travel policies digitally.
  • Modify a policy through endorsements.
  • Integrate with ESKA Financial for all automated calculations and pricing.
  • Provide various portal access for agents and customers.
Our Customers
Our Customers
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