People and Culture

ESKADENIA understands that a company’s success derives from its human resources and that providing an excellent and competent work environment ensures powerful results through all levels of its workflow. This is why ESKADENIA embraces a self-improvement culture for the betterment of the company and its clients.

ESKADENIA embraces a strong set of cultural values and attitudes that will always help them maintain outstanding quality.


The ESKADENIA team is filled with talented and dedicated members ready to provide answers for an industry’s needs. Always committed and striving for excellence, the employees of ESKADENIA are here to deliver results.


The ESKADENIA team has significant experience and a proven record of accomplishment from a large number of major software development projects, delivering innovation and quality right to a client’s doorstep.


ESKADENIA’s executives and senior staff have many years of experience working for prominent international companies. Modern Swedish management techniques and processes are instituted at ESKADENIA, providing it with a unique corporate culture that is both professional and friendly.


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