Carenet® Radiology is an interactive and accessible software to manage and process medical imagery and patient radiological data automatically all while reducing errors and improving patients’ gratification.

Carenet® Radiology operates analytical cycles on medical cases, generates statistical reports, receives and reads real-time results.

Carenet® Radiology is designed to suit all radiology financial needs and manages customer accounts, invoices, e-claims and insurance reports.

Carenet® Radiology enables users to schedule patient appointments while receiving actual updates and automated alerts and reminders.

Order Management

  • Receive orders directly from other units and create external orders for outpatient services
  • Orders are processes based on machine availability and required resources

DICOM Viewer Tools

  • Handles, reads, prints and archives medical images supported with PACS
  • Allows for the attachment of medical images to the radiology report


  • Get clear picture on medical cases, and do proper reporting using built
Our Customers
Our Customers
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