Audit Trail

An audit trail is a time-stamped record of important activities on a system. Recorded events can include the whole user-issued commands (insert, update & delete). ESKA® Audit Trail saves these records and enables system admins to monitor system actions at the component and module level. ESKA Audit Trail is very user-friendly, which facilitates the tracking and auditing processes.


  • Real-time auditing
  • Powerful backup generation
  • Data loss reduction
  • Improved controlling and monitoring of system usage
  • Enhanced transactions search
  • Efficient breach prevention


  • Standalone web application
  • User-friendly; multi-System support
  • No programming or database configuration required
  • Separate database keeping logs private and secure
  • Portable: works with any Oracle database
  • Flexible: monitors all or parts of the systems
  • Scalable: can monitor millions of records
  • Dynamic entities grouping for more readable reports
  • Flexible search using any entity, field and value
  • Comprehensive reports for better auditing
  • Secured on both application and database levels
Our Customers
Our Customers
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