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A high-tech change for labs

Carenet® Labs
Laboratory Management System

Due to the growing incidence of target infectious disease, clinical laboratory services worldwide are growing. Clinical labs are now in the face of transformation. It does not help that we are also seeing higher mortality rates with more people in need of medical attention. This means, there are no more excuses to run from the changing demands of the laboratory industry.

Healthcare providers are looking for ways to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum error. That said, with the clear demand and increasing budget for disruptive technology, it is time for clinical labs to face some new progress.

ESKA® Labs is a laboratory management system as part of ESKA Carenet, our healthcare management suite. It is made to handle complex laboratory procedures, comprehensive data, samples and records.

This system helps to create greater organization and structure in handling your lab results and daily tasks.

ESKA Labs also handles customer accounts and billing including invoices, e-claims and insurance reports. Covering the full cycle of your laboratory workflow, ESKA Labs is made to ensure all your tasks and needs are on track.

With features like an automated scheduler and messaging alert, you can always stay on top of all your medical services.

ESKA Labs covers functions related to:


  • Order management
  • Patient administration
  • Sample management
  • Interfacing
  • Reporting and test results management
  • Validation
  • Quality assurance
  • Revenue management

Labs Specific Systems

ESKA Labs is made up of a number of labs specific systems that ensures a smooth process for your lab testing activities. From handling orders to generating reports, this comprehensive system consists of the following:

Order Management

ESKA Labs is made to organize all your lab orders, whether internal or external. This includes directly sending orders between units and labs without any hassles.

  • Transfer unit orders to labs directly.
  • Conduct external orders for outpatient services for privileged users.
  • Electronically update all orders made.
  • Track all orders through one organized platform.
  • Provide a visual system to view all orders.
  • Access orderly details and information about all lab orders.

Sample Management

ESKA® Sample Manager functions as a comprehensive system to help manage your samples into a coordinated and efficient process.

  • Provide complete sample management from registrations to report generation.
  • Produce barcodes for sample classification and tracking.
  • Easily login samples into one convenient platform.
  • Continuously track samples based on orderly classifications.
  • Define sample results based on testing processes.


ESKA Labs is a system that integrates ESKA Labs with unidirectional and bidirectional machine interfaces, ensuring a smooth process for all lab testing.

  • Integrate with unidirectional and bidirectional machine interfaces.
  • Use different medical protocols and standards.
  • Receive accurate test results.
  • Stay up-to-date with latest testing processes.
  • Comply with standard medical languages, such as HL7 and ASTM.

Test Results

ESKA Labs’ reporting module produces accurate reporting and test results based on your lab testing.

  • Post interfaced and manual test results.
  • Insert any needed comments entry.
  • Electronically choose and insert the best results out of multiple rounds of testing.
  • Receive updated information of test results.
  • Automatically provide a detailed report of your lab results.
  • Track test results through electronic updates and reporting.


ESKA Labs’ approval module functions as a powerful system to accept any approvals or rejections of your test results.

  • Audit test results with a dynamic approval and rejection flow.
  • Customize approval and rejection needs based on your specific regulations.
  • Automatically validate all lab test results.
  • Create an electronic flow of receiving and updating your test results.

Quality Assurance

ESKA Labs is made for optimum quality measurements, which means ensuring all test results are at their best.

  • Conduct measurement analysis on lab tests.
  • Perform controlling methods on test results.
  • Provide a clear analysis of quality performances via a comprehensive report.
  • Record and store quality analysis through one electronic platform.

Common Systems

ESKA Labs also consists of other relevant systems located within other ESKA Carenet systems, ready to accelerate your whole laboratory related activities.

  • ESKA® Revenue Manager
    ESKA Revenue Management helps to organize and track all your financial activities, which includes handling all billing processes, whether e-claims, invoices, insurance reports and more.
  • ESKA® Patient Portal
    Easily access your healthcare needs through our web access, for any patients to manage their medical needs and review health records.
  • ESKA®  Referral Portal
    Presenting easy web access for external medical providers who need to refer any relevant lab tests.
  • ESKA®  Payer Portal
    Used by insurance companies and corporates to check any necessary financial details through a convenient and direct web access.
  • ESKA®  Patient Mobile App
    Providing a user-friendly mobile application that provides patients with the functionality available in the Patient Portal.


ESKA Carenet can be fully integrated with different ESKADENIA systems, as well as third party solutions, to further boost its functionality. This powerful system can work beautifully with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ESKA® Medical, a medical insurance management system that organizes relevant insurance transactions and data recording of your medical activities.
  • ESKA® Financial, a financial management software that handles all monetary processes across the whole organization.
  • ESKA® HR, a human resources management software that handles all employee needs and personnel activities.
  • ESKA® SCM (Supply Chain Management), our comprehensive system made for inventory, item management and more.
  • ESKA® DOCS, our document management system that handles any creation, storage, version control, tracking, sharing and distribution of your documents.
  • ESKA® Workflow, our work process system to facilitate the automation of an organisation’s procedures.
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