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Hospitals transformation

ESKA® Carenet
Hospital Information System

The healthcare sector is going through a lot of pressure. With rising cost and a decline in healthcare support, there needs to be a smarter way of increasing efficiency, while limiting cost. These challenges faced by healthcare providers affect the development of these   institutions. One prominent change is the one seen in hospitals.

From different formats of health records to distance between patients and healthcare providers, the intricacy of the sector makes technological development a must. Thus, there needs to be a more effective answer for the management of hospitals.

ESKA® Carenet is a flexible hospital information system, which forms our healthcare software management suite. It coordinates all operations and processes related to hospital management, whether medical, financial, administrative or operational.

ESKA Carenet helps to manage your hospital related activities, from patient admission to patient discharge. This system handles inpatient management, clinics, labs, radiology, pharmacy and more.

It is not only limited to inpatient activities, however, this all-inclusive system also handles all outpatient activities, making sure that all healthcare management is taken care of.

ESKA Carenet covers functions related to:                
  • Inpatient management (ADT, beds and wards management, nursing, care plan and more).
  • Clinics management
  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology centres
  • Pharmacy operations
  • Emergency management
  • Operation theatre
  • Patient administration
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Revenue management

Hospital Specific Systems

ESKA Carenet consists of a number of systems specific to hospitals, which include the following:

Inpatient Management

ESKA® Inpatient is a system to help manage and organize your patient’s information when handling patients residing in the hospital. This system consists of the following:   

Admission, discharge and transfer (ADT)

  • Automatically register patients, saving any relevant information needed.
  • Handle all discharge process, including medical instructions, room checkout and payments.
  • Manage various patient transfer options, such as treating specialty, ward transfer, inter-facility and ICU transfers.

Beds and wards management

  • Manage hospital departments, wards, rooms and beds scheduling.
  • Allow user alerts for any rooms/beds.
  • Schedule future or urgent patient admissions and accommodation.
  • Categorize rooms per specialty, department, gender, age, feature, etc.

Inpatient care

  • Handle various types of care plans, including medication plan, procedures plan and progress notes.
  • Follow up on doctors’ orders and assist patients on the right medical plan.
  • Manage nurses’ tasks, treatments, assessment sheets and doctor orders.
  • Manage patients’ nutrition and dietary needs.

Emergency Management

ESKA® Emergency Management handles all activities related to your medical cases. From sorting to documenting, this software creates a much simpler form of managing all your cases.

  • Manage patients’ medical records and SOAP notes.
  • Record and create a clear analysis of consultation results.
  • Organize and store prescriptions and diagnostic reports.
  • Present medical cases, statistical reports and results.
  • Track and document all patients’ progress notes.
  • Document all readings of the patient’s vital signs.

Operation Theatres

ESKA® Operation Theatres is a system made for the coordination of operation theatres or operating rooms. This may include any forms of scheduling, administration, documentation and more.

  • Manage and optimize operation rooms.
  • Coordinate patients and medical staff scheduling.
  • Create a clear view of the availability of operation rooms.
  • Oversee all materials and resources for operation needs.
  • Conduct medical, administrative and financial documentation.

ESKA® Clinics

ESKA Clinics is our clinics management system that functions as a standalone system as well as part of ESKA Carenet. Looking to connect providers and their patients, including activities related to clinical services, such as patient registrations, appointments, cases, treatment plans and referrals.

ESKA® Labs

ESKA Labs is a laboratory management system that functions as a part of ESKA Carenet as well as a standalone system. Made to handle your complex laboratory procedures, comprehensive data, samples and records.

ESKA® Radiology

ESKA Radiology is a radiology management system that functions as a tool to process your radiological tasks. Now you can easily process medical imagery and patient radiological data in no time, through ESKA Carenet or as its own standalone system.

ESKA® Pharmacy

ESKA Pharmacy is a unified and customizable digital platform that effectively facilitates the diverse tasks of pharmaceutical operations. Whether implemented as a standalone system or within a larger hospital operation, medical professionals can easily meet pharmaceutical needs.

Common Systems

This dynamic software also consists of other systems relevant to your healthcare needs, including our main outpatient systems. This is what ESKA Carenet can bring:

  • ESKA® Patient Administration
    ESKA Patient Administration is a software management system to handle all patient administration needs, from registrations to discharges.
  • ESKA® EHR (Electronic Health Record)
    ESKA EHR is a centralized registry for all the patient’s health-related information. Done through a full electronic format, making the process easily searchable and retrievable.
  • ESKA® Revenue Manager
    ESKA Revenue Management helps to organize and track all your financial activities, which includes handling all billing processes, whether e-claims, invoices, insurance reports and more.
  • Smart Access
    Our healthcare systems provide convenient and direct access to its wide range of functionalities through our portals, for patients, external medical providers and insurance companies, as well as our patient mobile app.


ESKA Carenet can be fully integrated with different ESKADENIA systems, as well as third party solutions, to further boost its functionality. This powerful system can work beautifully with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ESKA® Medical, a medical insurance management system that organizes relevant insurance transactions and data recording of your medical activities.
  • ESKA® Financial, a financial management software that handles all monetary processes across the whole organization.
  • ESKA® HR, a human resources management software that handles all employee needs and personnel activities.
  • ESKA® SCM (Supply Chain Management), our comprehensive system made for inventory, item management and more.
  • ESKA® DOCS, our document management system that handles any creation, storage, version control, tracking, sharing and distribution of your documents.
  • ESKA® Workflow, our work process system to facilitate the automation of an organisation’s procedures.


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