Carenet® Hospitals is an HIS (Hospital Information Systems) for managing all operations and processes related to hospital management whether they are medical, financial, administrative, or operational.

Carenet® Hospitals encompasses all systems and functionalities from patient admission to patient discharge including inpatient management, clinics, labs, radiology, and pharmacy. Carenet® Hospitals also handles all financial, operational and administrative hospital work processes.

Carenet® Hospitals is made up of Carenet® Inpatient, which is the main system module, and integrates with all other Carenet® Healthcare Management Systems, which are:

As part of the Carenet® healthcare suite, Carenet® Hospitals also integrates with the following ESKADENIA systems:

Carenet® Inpatient

If a patient is staying at the hospital (hospitalized), the system has to process a lot of information about that patient. Carenet® Inpatient stores and manages this information.

Carenet® Inpatient encompasses the following system functionalities:
  • ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)
  • Beds and Wards Management
  • Inpatient Care
  • Operating Theaters
  • Units Integration

ADT – Admission, Discharge, and Transfer

Fully Integrated solution to automate and complete patient Admission, Discharge and Transfer processes

  • Admission:
    Register patients saving relevant information such as contact details and insurance information
    Automate patient registration, physician evaluation, admission procedures, referral procedures, insurance approvals, and room accommodations

    Flexible appointments management for Operations theatres.
  • Discharge:
    Handle the entire patient discharge process including medical instructions, room checkout, and payments Cover checkout procedures, patients’ master charge and generating insurance claim.
  • Transfer:
    Handle the various patient transfer options including: Treating Specialty, Ward Transfer, Inter-facility, and ICU transfers.

Beds and Wards Management

Carenet® Beds and Wards Management provides users the ability to manage hospital departments, wards and rooms. Moreover, the system provides user-friendly interfaces that allows authorized users to schedule urgent or future patient admissions and accommodations.
  • Manage hospital departments, wards, rooms and beds scheduling
  • Set booking conditions and types for all hospital’s units, rooms, beds and facilities at minimum time and cost
  • User alerts for any rooms/beds restrictions such as infections, age, gender or specialty taking into consideration the hospital resources utilization and performance
  • Schedule future or urgent patient admissions and accommodations
  • Manage rooms fixed assets like beds, equipment, etc.
  • Categorize rooms per specialty, department, gender, age, features, etc.
  • Rooms of single or multi-Beds.
  • Dynamic accommodation price lists.

Inpatient Care

  • Care Plan
    • Medications Plan
    • Procedures Plan
    • Progress Notes
  • Physicians’ Orders
    • An efficient way to follow up on exact doctors’ orders and assist patients on the right medical plans
  • Nursing Workbench
    • Nurses Tasks, Treatments, Assessments sheets and Doctors Orders
  • Nutrition Management

Operation Theatres

  • Controlling, synchronization, and optimization of operating rooms
  • Coordinating the scheduling of patients and medical staff
  • Material and resource management
  • Handling medical, administrative, and financial documentation

Units Integration

  • A full integration of hospital units, inventory stores, labs, radiology centers, pharmacies, care units, emergency units, clinics, financial, and HR.
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