Assessment & Evaluation

ESKA® Universities  certification enables users to enter marks, comments, and generate reports for students.

With the certification module, instructors can fill in student marks of each academic subject for the various types of assessments.
  • Publish students’ marks and approve their final ones
  • Auto calculation of percentages, average marks, cumulative marks, and class ranks
  • Evaluate student performance in a particular subject or all subjects
  • Specify maximum, minimum and highest marks for each subject
  • Generate and print individual academic report cards for each student in various formats
  • Table view of results and student marks for students to access online
  • Dynamic certificate templates creation
  • Define evaluations for assessments
  • Marks auditing workflow, publishing to portals, and history archiving
  • Dynamic assessment policies
  • Incomplete courses
  • GPA/AGPA policy and AGPA calculation in percentage and points
  • Assessment entry by admin and by teacher portal
  • Conduct efforts evaluation and others
  • Comprehensive ministry and university reports
Our Customers
Our Customers
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