Leadership and Team Building



Due to the rapid development that companies are undergoing, change management within the organisation can only be handled by a strong and united team.


The objective of the workshop is to define your current team concept and the factors that influence successful team work at your organisation.


The workshop will assess the impact of the external environment on the team processes and will apply vital procedures for reviving your company mission statement and collectivity; thus determining your team values, goals and identify the individual roles and responsibilities. The workshop also assesses the impact of your current team climate on the team processes and identifies effective communication, meetings management and group behavior skills. It also determines the influence of accountability, feedback and evaluation systems on team success. The workshop includes interactive training and team work exercises that require a great deal of co-ordination, consensus, trust and negotiations. e.g. Helicopter building, egg throwing, holding hands, puzzles, baking a cake amongst others.
All participants will receive at the end of the workshop, an individual competence profile and analysis based on the workshop output. 

For more information regarding price and course customisation to your specific team need, please send an e-mail to d.salah@eskadenia.com
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