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Customers are the core of every business. The main factor to a successful workflow is your viewers or consumers. Telecom continues to build momentum throughout the years; as this industry is becoming more prominent, so are the customers. Technology is developing and businesses are expanding, thus meeting all customer needs is no longer a luxury. Customer demands are becoming tougher to meet and ensuring those expectations are accurately fulfilled is becoming an even more complicated process.

Many telecom companies are now shifting to CRM software to ensure they can guarantee customer satisfaction. It does not stop there though, automation is becoming the solution to all customer management experiences. Why waste any more time or efforts when everything can be done for you in half the time.

With the adoption of customer management technology, ESKADENIA Telecom software is bringing a number of systems that can appeal to telecom companies. Handling your customers has never been easier.
Thanks to ESKADENIA’s customer management software you can achieve the following:
  • Efficient tracking of your customers.
  • Fully automated work process.
  • Time-saving efforts in fulfilling your customers’ needs.
  • Maintain your customers’ relationships with ease.
  • Provide various options for customer flexibility.

What are some of our products?

ESKA DCRM is our customer relationship management system for the telecommunications industry, made to handle all customer orders, information, account and more. Whether you are looking to handle orders, personalized e-mails or more.

ESKA® Customer Self-Care
Provide convenience to your customers by allowing a self-care system to speed up the process. ESKA Customer Self-Care is an advanced web-based system for any self-service features, such as online registration, subscriber management and more.

ESKA® Voice of Customers
ESKA Voice of Customer is a powerful Customer Experience Management system, specialized in collecting the feedback of your customers. Aiming for a friendly user-experience, this handy system creates accurate and readable reporting based on your preferences.

ESKA® Case Manager
ESKA Case Manager is our case management system for handling all forms of customer inquiries, complaints and notes over multiple channels. Now you can have all ticket and cases managed accordingly.

ESKA® Dynamic 360
ESKA Dynamic 360 is our dashboard system with insights to all of your KPIs and goals, ready to help. From instant reports to easily readable data presentations, you can have all your company information in one go.

ESKA® Omnichannel
ESKA Omnichannel is our customer interaction management software. This system is made to integrate with all aspects of your company to optimize all customer care services; whether you are communicating via chat, e-mail, social media or more.

ESKA® Social Manager
This handy system is made to organize and manage all your social media activities. From creating posts to tracking all interactions, you can always stay on top of all your social media content.

Our Customers
Our Customers
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