System Integrations

Interface Layer

  • Integration with other ESKADENIA Systems:
    • Medical Insurance
    • Financial Management
    • Inventory
    • HRMS
    • POS
  • Integration with third Parties:
    • Health Authorities
    • Google Maps
    • PACS
    • Lab interfacing 
  • Standard interfacing compliance including HL7

Integration Levels

Three Integration Levels
ESKA® CareNet System Other ESKADENIA Systems Third Parties
  • SMS Reminders
  • EHR
  • E-Prescription
  • Communications
  • Medical Insurance
  • Financial Management
  • HRMS
  • POS
  • Inventory
  • Health Authorities
  • Standard Medical Codes (ICD, CPT)
  • Google Maps
  • PACSs
  • Standards Compliance

Integration Types

Medical Insurance

Full integration with ESKADENIA medical insurance system, ESKA® Medical, to automate and complete the claims' lifecycle.
  • Pre-Authorization & Referrals
    • Acquire the needed approvals from insurance companies on claims and amounts. 
  • e- Claims 
    • Fill Electronic Claims charts and send directly to insurance companies 
  • Auditing
    • Process the claims content to assure that fields are submitted correctly. 
  • Approvals, Rejections & Submissions
    • Get approvals from insurance companies for full or partial claim covering or a request to resubmit application 
  • Settlement
    • Financial invoices settlements with medical providers and medical suppliers.

Financial Management

Conduct all your financial processes from one location securely when integrating Carenet® with the ESKA® Financial, one of the systems in the ESKA® Business Manager Software suite.
  • General Ledger
    • Obtain a comprehensive financial control with a reliable transaction processing, flexible account formatting and extensive reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
    • Manage your medical practice cash flow handling routine receivable activities such as invoicing, collections and tax calculation while providing a wide range of statistics, aging reports and quick data review.
  • Accounts payable (AP)
    • Simplify entry of medical providers’ invoices and handle all accounts of payable transactions, purchase history, flexible cash disbursements and manage post-dated cheques. 
  • Cash Management
    • Integrated with Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR). 
    • Get an effective and quick analysis of the enterprise’s cash requirements to ensure optimal use of cash resources.
  • Fixed Assets
    • Accurate management and tracking of the company’s fixed assets.

HR Management

Manage personnel, recruitment, attendance and payroll in addition to maintaining up-to-date information on the Healthcare staff when integrating with ESKA® HR.
  • Personnel
    • Optimize HR processes and effectively manage human capital
  • Payroll
    • Obtain a high control over payroll processes, employee pay details, basic salaries, monthly earnings, allowances, deductions, saving funds, expenses, social security shares, and income taxes. 
  • Time Attendance
    • Track your employees’ daily attendance, leave records and vacations
  • Recruitment
    • Provide HR staff with needed platform to announce job vacancies.
  • Self-Service
    • Allow employees to apply their own leaves and vacation requests and be notified on approvals

Inventory Management

Integration with the Inventory management of ESKA® SCM (Supply Chain Management) provides you with the following:
  • Stores Management
    • Manage all types of hospital stocking operations in warehouses and stores, and identify stock location
  • Items & Catalogues
    • Set item catalogues and specifications effortlessly
  • Stock Level
    • Tracks inventory levels and movements in warehouse and stock rooms by item, serial number, or lot number
  • Barcode
    • Effective tracking of medical equipment and supplies
  • Expirations and Serial number Tracking
    • Track items using serial numbers and check regularly for expiry dates
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