ESKA® Schools’ registration module automates all registration office transactions including student course registration. The registration process is controlled by validations for each student in accordance with the study plan, level, and other registration rules.

It facilitates student enrolment in the proper courses/ grades in the academic semester/year. With the registration module, you can assign students to sections and homerooms using manual or automatic distribution.

The registration module allows for dropping any of the students registered courses or semesters.
  • Manage student sections, groups and courses registration
  • Open sections based on departments requests
  • Addition, withdrawal, or drop student courses/ semesters
  • Credit hours & grades systems
  • Students registration by homeroom, section, and other custom groups
  • Student group registration using powerful group management features
  • Section & stream transfer
  • National & international programs
  • Self-registration for elective courses with\without advisory
  • Comprehensive reports
Our Customers
Our Customers
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