Online Exams

ESKA® Schools e-Exams offers an easy way to manage the online exams questions, versions, answers and forms with ability to publish the ready exams for users so they can solve the exam using the Examiner Tool. Exams can be pre-scheduled with limited duration or open time.
  • Create examination timetables based on exam nature, facilities capacities, duration, gender, and policies
  • Present exam results in different ways (e.g. teacher, student, and facility)
  • Flexibly modify auto-generated timetables
  • Bilingual content
  • Dynamic forms and templates
  • Questions Bank
  • HTML content formatting
  • Automatic exam correction
  • Exams preview, printing, and statistics
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Survey management
  • Advanced examination report generation
Our Customers
Our Customers
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