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Carenet® Patient App is an accessible and user-friendly mobile application available for Apple, Android & Windows to ease communication remotely.

Carenet® Patient App provides users with secured and protected access to their medical profiles, medical provider search engine, appointments history and schedules.

Carenet® Patient App enables users to request appointments by email or push messages.

With Carenet® Patient App, users can view their family history, open cases, visits and medical records such as symptoms, diagnosis, used medicines, lab tests codes and radiology procedures.

Carenet® Patient App allows users to access their claims, view their claims history and claims information.

Secured Access

  • Patients can define their profile login information and protect their medical profiles with a username and a password.

Provider Search

  • Patients can search for healthcare providers by name, region, specialty and type in addition to request an appointment by email or push message once the desired healthcare provider is found.


  • Patients can check their appointments history, request new appointments and check their future appointments.

Medical Records

  • Patients can view family history, social history, open cases, visits, tests results and medical reports 
  • Patients can browse your medical records including symptoms, diagnosis, used medicines, lab tests codes and radiology procedures


  • Patients can view their claims details including history, submission date, and status

Messages and Alerts

  • Patients can get important notifications and reminders
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Our Customers
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