Carenet® Patient Portal

Carenet® Patient Portal empowers patients through a unified interface to manage their medical needs from first to last step of seeking medical care and easily review their health records history.
Carenet® Patient Portal provides patients with Medical Network Search Engine supported with location finder of medical practices.
Using Carenet® Patient Portal patients can access their health records, appointments, claims, financial details, user settings, messaging and alerts.

Patient Dashboard

  • All-in-one patient dashboard that will display requirements and medical needs.

Medical Network Search Engine

  • Allows patients to search for medical providers, learn about them and use an updated location finder.


  • Patients can request their medical service, book and confirm their appointments 

Electronic Health Records

  • Patients can view their health records, medical cases, medical images, lab tests and history records.

Financial Records

  • Patients can access their financial details, track their payments and view their insurance information and policies.

Carenet® Payer Portal

Used by insurance companies and corporates to check their financial status.
The medical provider will publish the bills and claims that payers should pay with the ability to review the patients diagnostic related info.

Carenet® Referral Portal

Used by external medical providers who need to refer some lab tests, this will help them do the following:
  • Manage their lab orders by filling the required samples details.
  • Print the samples barcode
  • Send the samples and track their transmission and testing status
  • Print the finished tests results
  • Check their bills details
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Our Customers
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