Configuration Settings

A user-friendly interface to manage all system settings easily and quickly
  • Provider Network
    • Define all Medical Provider Networks (MPNs) and a variety of other healthcare networks to include hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, and radiology centers
  • Medical Services and Healthcare Data
    • Configure medical services
    • Standard code management such as ICD & CPT
    • Manage all medical records and healthcare data such as medications, diseases, vaccines, allergies and SOAP notes.
  • Financial and Payer Details
    • Setup financial and insurance details
    • Define service price lists for each medical provider or import them from Health authorities
    • Configure and review Insurance agreements
  • Communication Configuration
    • Setup messaging and notification settings such as SMS, email, contacts and contact groups
    • System wide notification scheme to send messages, notifications, reminders and alerts
    • Automated reminders for appointments, work duties, prescription renewals, medication arrivals and test results alerts
  • Cloud Services
    • Manage Cloud subscriptions, memberships, payments, and other settings
  • Security Access
    • Security and roles management for system and data accessibility
  • Reporting
    • Setup statistical reports for decision makers
Our Customers
Our Customers
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