ESKADENIA's billing system up & running in Sierra Leone-Africa.
"The successful deployment of the BCRM System for our Sierra Leone’s operation marks the third rewarding installation of ESKADENIA’s GSM Billing Solution for COMIUM Group. The latest release of the BCRM application enabled us to offer a lucrative, efficient, and flexible business solution to cater for our remote operations by making use of the most advanced practices in both the Telecommunication and Computer industries", said Mr. Mostapha Karaki, Billing Division Manager at COMIUM Group.

The Billing system enables COMIUM Sierra Leone to professionally handle all billing services, customer care functions, interconnect and roaming agreements, and customer self-care Internet access for all subscribers connected to its GSM network.

The ESKADENIA Billing & Customer Relationship Management System (ESKADENIA® BCRM) is a high-performance, mission-critical software application that enables real-time billing in telecommunications networks. The modular software solution comprises Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Service Provisioning, Product and Pricing Management, Rate Plan Management, Rating, Billing, TAP 3 Roaming, Interconnect and Revenue Sharing modules. ESKADENIA has also delivered its Web-enabled Mediation Gateway to COMIUM Sierra Leone.

The ESKADENIA® BCRM and Mediation Gateway systems have been completely designed and developed at ESKADENIA in accordance with both the GSM and CCITT recommendations for billing and number plan standards. Additionally, the Billing & Customer Relationship Management System supports billing for landline telephony services, Intelligent Network services and GPRS.

"The advanced three tier architecture of the application allowed us to deploy a Point of Sales Application at Sierra Leone, while hosting the Database and Web Services at our existing Data Centre in Liberia. Using a small VSAT bandwidth, we were able to provide a secure data tunnelling between the client front end application and the remote Data Centre. This setup has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our operation, as we have managed to capitalize on the existing hardware installation to serve multiple locations, reduce the number of support staff, and achieve proper maintenance and security of valuable data", added Mr. Karaki.

About COMIUM Group

COMIUM Group, is a Group of Engineering and Service companies specializing in the Telecommunications sector. The Group is an acknowledged leader in the provision of telecommunication services the Middle East and Africa. The Group has within a period of 12 years established itself as a major player from Lebanon and the Middle-East in the field of telecommunication operations and know-how.
COMIUM has announced the acquisition of a 3rd GSM license in the Republic of Sierra Leone in May 2004, and is expanding its presence in the West African telecom market. Sierra Leone's operation is an affirmation of the operator's commitment to develop, deliver, and operate world-class fixed and mobile telecom networks and services to the global market.


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