ESKADENIA launches its Prepaid System (EPPS®) at the GSM>3G MEG Conference.
ESKADENIA Prepaid System (EPPS®) provides Real-Time Charging & Rating, Customer Care, Voucher Management, and Accounts Provisioning tools for prepaid mobile network subscribers (GSM, GPRS, NGN) based on latest Telecom and Intelligent Networks standards and technologies. The system also supports promotions & loyalty programs as well as several discount scenarios, providing operators with the flexibility to define a variety of charging offers.

The Real-Time Charging feature covers voice calls, short text messages (SMS), and data/content sessions (GPRS, MMS, Data Roaming Services) held by prepaid subscribers.

Through its wide range of provisioning functionalities, EPPS® allows users to easily manage subscribers’ accounts through user-friendly and multi-lingual tools including, Web-based Customer Care Management, Web-based Self Provisioning Customer Care, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, USSD, CLI (Command Line Interface) for administrators, and Provisioning Access for 3rd Party Service Providers, TCP/IP Socket Interface, and Web Service Interface.

In addition, the system provides a comprehensive, powerful, web-based and multi lingual Operation, Administration and Management tool for system administrators.

The system is built over the latest HP signalling technology - the OCSAC platform – which acts as a Service Control Point (SCP), performing service control between the network and the prepaid billing system in real time.

“The launching of ESKADENIA Prepaid System marks the second product launching for ESKADENIA during the GSM>3G MEG, where we are pleased to present our company’s expertise and capabilities through such challenging highly-demanded products for the telecom market”, said Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA.


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