Announcing the launch of ESKADENIA® Interconnect during the GSM>3G Middle East & Gulf Conference.
ESKADENIA® Interconnect presents an advanced web-enabled tool to seamlessly manage the complex processes of settling commercial transactions between carriers providing interconnect services.

The new product features support the management of carriers, price plans, rating, invoices, reconciliation, and interconnect revenue sharing. All system features are accessible through an easy-to-understand and use Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows users to perform daily transactions smoothly and effectively. The system also offers real-time web-based access for partners to securely log-in through a secured Internet connection to check sent/ received calls and durations. They can also review invoice details, settlements, balances and agreements. Moreover, the system comes with a powerful reporting engine that supports standard and custom-report generation.

ESKADENIA® Interconnect provides powerful real-time rating capabilities to cater for existing and next-generation services including SMS and MMS traffic in addition to traditional voice traffic for complex multi-step and multi-component rating rules.

Built on a flexible architecture, ESKADENIA® Interconnect can be easily customised according to the latest market practices and customer needs. The system is a fully scalable system that supports global interconnect regulations; it can be adjusted to meet the market dynamics such as adding new traffic types and services.

“ESKADENIA has applied latest technologies in the field of telecom billing to develop a seamless interconnect system that can manage and control much more complex settlement scenarios”, explained Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA. He added, “The importance of maintaining accurate interconnect billing is becoming crucial for telecom operators, as the number of carriers, and their associated traffic, pricing scenarios, and interconnect agreements is increasing”.


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