The Civil Status and Passport Department of Jordan launches its portal powered by ESKADENIA’s Content Management System

ESKADENIA Software is proud to announce the launch of the Civil Status and Passport Department of Jordan website using its Advanced Content Management System.

The CSPD website serves the public and provides them with all information they may need regarding passports and official procedures related to the department. With this launch, ESKADENIA promised to offer CSPD, excellent services in the area of consulting, web development and IT Solutions.

CSPD by using ESKADENIA’s CMS are able to administer and manage the content and the structure of the website; and benefit from a wide range of rich features without technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages. It will also allows their webmaster to update the website anytime and from any location.

The website provides information about the latest tenders and allows the user to download the documents related to each tender, as wel
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