“Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Jordan” signs for ESKADENIA’s Content Management System

ESKADENIA Software Company, Amman - Jordan, June 2011

The Egyptian Arab Land Bank is considered the first in the Arab World in terms of its deep-rootedness, and establishment. Amongst its continuous plans for development, the Arab Egyptian Land Bank has chosen ESKADENIA Software Company to build and develop its electronic website on the internet.

A study for developing the website has been carefully made in harmony with the bank's marketing strategy and to target the appropriate audiences inside and outside Jordan. This current project emanates from the bank's care to serve clients around the clock, and wherever they maybe.

The new website allows clients to know about the services provided by the bank and monitor their accounts. The new system allows for greater flexibility and simplicity to give the most appropriate services required by the client.

Mr. Hazem Yousef, Regional Manager of the Arab Egyptian Land Bank said: “One of our major steps in keeping up with the modernization of the bank presently is to develop the website, make it more active and facilitate communication with clients. That is why we chose ESKADENIA because it is one of the leading and specialized companies in the field of website development”.

ESKADENIA Software Company Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive said: “We are designing the Bank's new website according to the ESKADENIA System, which allows for the control of its content and can be updated according to latest developments. The ESKADENIA System enables the site manager and copy editors to benefit from wide advantages and editing tools without resorting to technical help or programming languages, making it easier and more effective to develop”.

About Arab Egyptian Land Bank
The bank was established in 1880, set up as a shareholding company named the Egyptian Land Bank and launched one of its major objectives to develop the Egyptian agricultural sector. It loaned owners of agricultural lands to improve their productivity and push the wheels of the Egyptian economy forward. It sought to improve communication with all segments of the local community and allow them to be more productive and resourceful and modernize the construction process and national development.

And because the Arab Egyptian Land Bank was established to enhance the Arab economy, it had an effective role in supporting the Palestinian people in their ordeal. In March 1946 the Arab Land Company was established and registered in Jordan in 1951, and began offering its banking services to all economic sectors in the region. Today the bank offers its services through 50 branches spread in the Egyptian Arab Republic, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine and has corresponding network all over the world.

About ESKADENIA Software
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