ESKADENIA’s School Management Suite to be launched at ASAMIAH International School (AIS)
ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, October 2010

The Web-based system aims to e-enable the internal operations of AIS to optimise the management of key school functionalities and provide a seamless streamlined integration of functions.

The deployed modules within ESKA® Business Manager include Financial Management (General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, and Cash Management), Human Resources Management, Payroll, and Time Attendance. The system helps leverage the administration performance of AIS up to its well-established best practices.

The Admission module within ESKA Academia® enables easy tracking of detailed applicant information and students’ transactions. The Registration module facilitates students’ enrolment in the proper courses throughout the academic semester and year while the Fees Management module within DeniaSchool® handles all student financial-related issues and enables easy fees settlement.

The systems also provide comprehensive reporting capabilities with accurate up-to-date information relating to all school functionalities. Reports can be retrieved according to user privilege and authorisation as defined by the system’s administrator.

The systems are built on the latest Microsoft.NET technology and platforms, applying an Object-Oriented approach. Accordingly, all ERP modules are fully and easily integrated with other e-school management modules.

An Outstanding synergy between AIS and ESKADENIA, the Solution provided will further enhance our capabilities and performance; thus enabling us to reach out to the growing number of parents many years into the future. This will enable AIS to have the best IT support possible and meet all our technology requirements” stated Rula Fakhoury, AIS Vice Chairman.

The private schools in Jordan are keen on IT development and modernisation and follow the latest in the market. We are proud to include Asamiah international school to our list of clients“ stated Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director of ESKADENIA Software.

About Asamiah International School

ASAMIAH International School is a co-educational, bilingual and bi-curricular school from KG to Grade 12. It offers both the national and international programs of study. The school is located in Khalda and is easily accessible to parents and visitors. The constructed area covers 18,600 square meters on 10 dunums.

AIS focuses on 4 areas of learning and development: Intellectual Development, Creative Development, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development.

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About ESKADENIA Software

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