The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan applies ESKADENIA's communication software
ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, June, 2010

The project aims at e-enabling the internal and external news distribution of CAFRAJ, and facilitating the process of communicating with current and potential members via e-mail circulations.

ESKADENIA’s Newsletter and Contacts Management system guarantees an efficient process in creating, managing and distributing announcements, news shots and newsletters. System users can easily edit newsletter content, create various templates and designs, check final results before sending, and choose the groups of contacts to send the newsletter to.

Furthermore, it allows for smooth updating of CAFRAJ contacts database upon subscription and un-subscription transactions done by visitors of the chamber’s website or receivers of newsletters. System users can also add and delete contacts, update contact information, and organise contacts into special groups.

This software package gave a very professional look to our newsletter and we received many compliments from many members and from other French chambers around the world, besides the ease in distributing it to all our contacts”, said Ibrahim Kattan, Executive Director of CAFRAJ.

It is all about communication, and the ESKADENIA tool has turned tremendously useful in spreading the French community news and activities”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director of ESKADENIA Software.


The Franco-Jordanian Business Club (CAFRAJ) was established in August 1998. Its creation has coincided with the excellent climate of bilateral economic situations that prevailed following important investments between France and Jordan. CAFRAJ became a member of the UCCIFE (Union of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad) in June 2002, thus becoming the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan.

The main objectives of CAFRAJ are to develop the commercial, economic, cultural and social cooperation between France and Jordan by promoting the exchange of people, experience, equipment and capital and encouraging investment. Among its services CAFRAJ handles business visa applications for all businessmen and their families in its premises. CAFRAJ currently counts one hundred and seventy five members, directors of Jordanian and French companies, and representatives of most economic sectors of activity.

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