ESKADENIA launches Mobile Audience Response System
ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, June 2010

The ESKADENIA Mobile Audience Response System is a user-friendly tool especially designed for modern event organisers that aim to collect audience responses on certain topics presented during a conference or forum. The system allows hand-held devices such as mobile handsets, notebooks, and PDAs to be used as a handy device for submitting individual input regarding polls announced by the presenter.

ESKA® M-Response changes voting and feedback into an interactive high-tech mobile experience and collects responses through a number of communication channels such as Wi-Fi, GPRS and SMS, to enable maximum participation in the voting experience. The system can be used both indoors in large conference rooms and also via GSM network infrastructure if the audience is approached remotely. Submitting responses using personal hand-held devices also solves the common challenge of losing the classical Radio Frequency voting devices by being either kept with participants or lost in the hall.

Predefined questions can be generated, uploaded on handsets, and voted upon, and the analysed results can be viewed on the fly and generated into user friendly reports for each session.

The polls are easily downloaded into the audience devices via an auto generated SMS or via Bluetooth; the audience will not be able to start viewing the questions and send responses until the presenter starts the session using the presenter-dedicated web access.

ESKA® M-Audience Response increases the feeling of interaction in various types of events, such as training sessions, academic classes, elections, fund raising, sports competitions, and television game shows. ESKADENIA’s team focused through this system on providing the market with an innovative interactive tool taking into consideration the ease of use, time to setup, and availability of response devices”, said Amal Al Sadi, Wireless Products Research and Development Manager at ESKADENIA Software.

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