ESKADENIA’s ERP system to be launched at Jordan’s largest transportation fleet (JETT)
ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, January 2010

The fully integrated web-based ESKADENIA® Business Manager provides JETT with a collaborative environment for automated information management across departments. Users can manage the Financial, Human Recourses, Payroll, Supply Chain and Fleet management transactions in a more efficient manner, streamline financial operations, and retrieve up-to-date reports on all main functions whenever required.

The deployed system is expected to provide Jett employees with the ability to organise and manage all types of transactions and procedures running at Jett, through the deployed Transportation system, starting from reserving bus tickets and submitting payments, to safely delivering mail and assuring clash-free and error-free trip schedules, which saves time and effort. In addition, the deployed Tourism system will enable Jett employees to reserve tourism buses for travel agencies, for a predefined period of time, number of passengers and tariffs. Moreover the Garage system will be responsible for the complete process of the vehicle maintenance, where the system keeps a log for all Jett’s vehicles, reports on the errors and follows up on the processes of fixing each vehicle.

Having a leading transportation company to operate fully on ESKADENIA's systems opens a new market vertical for ESKADENIA® Business Manager. This project has enriched both teams with knowledge on automating Transportation companies and increasing work efficiency. We stick to our commitment towards providing JETT with best support services and we look forward for further sophisticated projects together in the near future”, said Shadi Saadeh, Sales Manager for Enterprise and Insurance Products at ESKADENIA Software.

“We have gone through a thorough search for a reliable and close software house in the market that can customise software to meet the dynamic needs of our business. The Enterprise Resource Planning software system of ESKADENIA will be used as we are evolving together with rich features and support services” said Mr. Malek Haddad, General Manager at Jordan Express Tourism and Transportation Company (JETT).

About JETT

The Jordan Express Tourist Transportation Company (JETT), established in 1966, is a high-standard safe, secure and punctual Jordanian public transportation and tourism bus service company.
The company emerged after a long search for a corporate transport entity willing to provide first-class services. JETT aims to provide a variety of different services to be integrated in different fields of the transportation and tourism sector in order to maintain a strong position in Jordan. 

About ESKADENIA Software

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