ESKADENIA Software plugs into Microsoft technology at AWRAQ Investments
ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, August, 2009

The deployed system offers AWRAQ Investments a set of powerful easy-to-use tools that facilitate the portfolio management process in addition to flexible financial and mathematical modelling and reporting to optimise portfolios and develop trading strategies that can respond to fast market conditions. AAA Analysis Platform enables potential users to gather available investment information (accounting, financial and economic) in one place for analysis and quantified, timely and up-to-date feedback.

The system aims at providing the Asset Management team at AWRAQ Investments with a set of tools that minimise the operational cost and risk as well as improve the speed of the decision making process. It provides customised formula building and financial analysis of equity instruments on Macro and Micro levels; comprehensive report generation; extensive data mining and analysis including qualitative (Market News) and quantitative search criteria, as well as peer group searches, financial modelling and trend analysis. In addition, it integrates with any data provider of choice.

AWRAQ Investments staff is accessing currently a highly advanced and innovative analytics system through a user-friendly, intuitive interface, perfectly suited to any level of expertise and experience. The system maps general market trends at the region, county, sector, sub-sector and down to the stock and company levels.

AAA Analysis Platform is built on Microsoft Office 2007, as an Excel add-in, making best use of all its functionalities.

The platform serves our Asset Managers in that it gives them access to all the data available in one place and enables them to come up with investment recommendations at a much faster pace”, said Dr. Waleed Nassan, CEO of AWRAQ Investments.

We have teamed up with AWRAQ Investments to bring out an innovative analysis platform for the financial investment industry. We take pride in this project and its successful launching, as it comes as an indication of the expertise and competencies we have at ESKADENIA Software”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software.

About AWRAQ Investments

AWRAQ Investments, the investment arm of Cairo Amman Bank, is one of Jordan's fastest growing investment companies. Established in 1992, it is also one of the pioneer brokerage companies in the country's capital markets sector. Our key objectives are to serve the various segments of investors, retail and corporate, to offer professional, effective and reliable brokerage and asset management services and to identify investment avenues with an aim of generating medium-term returns for the investors in line with their objectives.
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About ESKADENIA Software

ESKADENIA® Software is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, and Internet application areas. The company is based in Jordan and has sales activities in Europe, the Middle East, America and Africa; more than 85% of its sales are exported to the Global market. ESKADENIA Software is a product and market-oriented organisation that assists enterprises and promotes businesses by use of highly effective IT strategies, solutions and tools. ESKADENIA Software strongly believes that a company's achievement is based on the success of its Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to. ESKADENIA endeavours as a team to maintain quality and customer respect, build up perseverance, and foster innovation.
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