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The ESKADENIA team would like to inform you that we are back in full force at the office and have continued normal operations while still following the Jordanian government’s COVID-19 safety procedures. Our activities may be subject to change during these uncertain times, but we assure you that any changes to our operations will not affect our level of service to our customers.

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KULACOM outsources its billing management services to ESKADENIA Software

ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, October, 2008

As per the agreement signed between ESKADENIA and KULACOM, the leading Jordanian software house will be implementing its Billing and Customer Relationship Management System (ESKADENIA® BCRM) to cover the billing, charging, and customer care of KULACOM’s broadband services in Jordan.

ESKADENIA will also provide KULACOM with professional services including deployment, system integration, data setup, quality assurance, training and support services. ESKADENIA will in addition manage, operate and maintain the system for an initial period of two years.

ESKADENIA’s billing services will cover KULACOM’s post-paid WiMax, post-paid VoIP, Points of Sale, and usage-based WiMax services in the foreseeable future. The post-paid WiMax billing will initially generate monthly invoices for the KULACOM subscribers that are expected to substantially increase to meet the growing market potential.

We are extremely happy to be signing with a local Jordanian software company that believes, as we do, in satisfactory Customer Service. Customer Service is an area that is drastically ignored in this region and ESKADENIA’s platform allows us to provide easily understandable and easily accessible billing to our customers. Furthermore, KULACOM will offer many services and ESKADENIA’s platform will enable the convenience of converging our services onto one invoice, whether it be broadband, VoIP, IPTV, Online Gaming, web hosting, etc”, said Hazim Alaeddin, Cheif Executive Officer at KULACOM.

We see a prospering new market niche in providing billing systems and professional services to newly emerging wireless broadband Telecom Operators. The competitive advantage with ESKADENIA Software is that it has the tools, technology and expertise to provide advanced products, solutions and services in this area. Offering such services fits in the overall vision we have of becoming the provider of choice of comprehensive Telecom Software products and services”, said Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software.

He added, “The professional-services part of the project with KULACOM is the first of its sort for ESKADENIA and perhaps in the region. We are very pleased to partner with this pioneering telecom operator towards running innovative e-services in a cost effective manner in very competitive markets”.


MetroBeam Wireless Telecommunications Co. LLC., doing business as KULACOM was founded in Jordan in 2006 to provide the Kingdom of Jordan with a true communications alternative service provider. 

In June 2007 the company was given an Individual license by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and in December 2007 the company won the auction for the national 3.6 Ghz Wimax frequency making it one of only four licensed Broadband Wireless Access companies in Jordan.

KULACOM has commenced the development of their current project in the wireless technology sector. In accordance with market demands they are currently in the process of building their infrastructure. They work on multiple levels to ensure the success of network that they build, operate, and maintain, ensuring the optimum quality of service for their customers. KULACOM’s mission is to create, sustain and offer the highest quality broadband services with the maximum cost savings to clients. They offer only the latest in wireless technology given the demand in both the private and public sectors. 

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ESKADENIA® Software is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, and Internet application areas. The company is based in Jordan and has sales activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; more than 80% of its sales are exported to the Global ICT market. ESKADENIA Software is a product and market-oriented organisation that assists enterprises and promotes businesses by use of highly effective IT strategies, solutions and tools. ESKADENIA Software strongly believes that a company's achievement is based on the success of its Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to. ESKADENIA Software endeavours as a team to maintain quality and customer respect, build up perseverance, and foster innovation.

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