Umniah selects ESKADENIA Software for Content Delivery System

ESKADENIA Software, Amman, Jordan, September, 2007

The Content Delivery System will assist Umniah and the content providers in the organisation, control, and publication of large amounts of different types of content including text, ring tones, and videos. The system features will be provided through a user friendly and bilingual web interface covering Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM); Content Management; Provisioning; Content Broadcasting; and Charging.

System administrators and VAS employees at Umniah will be able to use the OAM tool to manage the system through different access rights and log-in information. The tool will also support the management of promotions, channels, workflow definition, alerts, configurations, reports and statistics.

The Content Management system provides content repository, flexible search and management of content, content publishing, and content editing version control and workflow. In addition, the Content Broadcasting Engine within the system is in charge of sending and receiving SMS and MMS content, charging, sending alerts, load-balancing and prioritising, as well as channels broadcasting.

The system also provides various interfaces for channel subscription management and content requests including, customer care management web-access, self care web access, SMS commands, and IVR voice menus. This will provide Umniah’s subscribers with different alternatives to request services from the system.

High security will be maintained throughout the system using critical data encryption for the database, secure login features, and controlled access rights and privileges.

Umniah is pleased with this partnership with ESKADENIA Software. This project shall result in the benefit of Umniah’s subscribers by facilitating the accessibility to a wide bouquet of infotainment and content services instead of the ordinary methods”, said Abdel Khaliq Anabtawi, Data Services Supervisor at Umniah Mobile Company.

"ESKADENIA has demonstrated through the past years that it could develop a line-up of cutting-edge software products for the telecom market with a proven-track record of high-quality deliverables and professional support services. We value Umniah’s trust in choosing ESKADENIA for the development of the Content Delivery System and we are eager to secure other future openings and ideas with this leading telecom operator”, said Qusai Qaryouti, Development Manager at ESKADENIA Software.


About Umniah

Umniah was granted the third GSM license in August 2004 issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Jordan to operate, manage and own a public digital cellular mobile network. Umniah was launched in June 2005 and since then was able to expand the Jordanian mobile market penetration rate from 32% to over 60% and at the same time capturing 13% of the market share. Umniah was acquisitioned by Bahraini Batelco in June 2006; it registered a one million subscriber in Jordan by September 2007. 


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