ESKADENIA to deploy Interconnect System and Mediation Gateway for SanaTel

ESKADENIA, Amman, Jordan, September, 2007

ESKADENIA® Interconnect will present SanaTel with an advanced web-based tool to seamlessly manage the complex processes of settling commercial transactions between the carriers with whom the Iraqi operator has interconnect agreements with. The main functionalities of the system include Carrier Management, Price Plan Management, Invoice Management, Reconciliation, Revenue Sharing, Reporting, Alerts Management, and Administration. In addition, it provides an advanced Rating Engine and Web access for partners. 

All system features are accessible through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is easy to understand and use, which allows SanaTel’s users to perform daily transactions smoothly and effectively. In addition, ESKADENIA® Interconnect is fully scalable to support global interconnect regulations. The system can easily meet SanaTel’s needs and latest market dynamics such as adding new traffic types and services.

The system provides powerful real-time rating capabilities to cater for existing and next-generation services; these include SMS and MMS traffic in addition to traditional voice traffic for complex multi-step and multi-component rating rules.

Using ESKADENIA® Interconnect, SanaTel can manage its new product rollout plans with total control. The volume-based rating features of the system also allows the operator to present flexible agreements and define rates based on traffic volumes, such as committed volumes and a variety of other user-definable criteria.

ESKADENIA will also deliver to SanaTel its Web-enabled Mediation Gateway that collects call data from the switches, converts them into relevant format, and forwards them to any destination. It can be connected immediately to any switch brand and switch version. ESKADENIA® Mediation will interface to SanaTel’s various network nodes supplied by Ericsson.

“ESKADENIA has demonstrated excellent vendor services while addressing our needs and analysing our operations’ requirements. The ESKADENIA Interconnect System and Mediation Gateway comes to fit in SanaTel’s plans towards applying latest trends in telecom software”, said Khalid H. Muhammed, SanaTel’s CTO.

“We are proud to be selected by SanaTel for the deployment ESKADENIA’s Interconnect System and Mediation Gateway. With our dynamic and highly professional team, we guarantee our new customer a smooth and quick deployment of our software products”, said Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software.  

About SanaTel

SanaTel is a major GSM operator providing cellular phone services to Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The Company is working under the rules and regulations of private sector, funded by Halabja Group Ltd.

The company is connecting people from major cities and towns of Iraq mainly through the national switch and provides GSM services to the people all over the territories of the Suleimaniyah Regional Government. This is in addition to providing roaming services in the areas covered by Korek Telecom networks, mainly Erbil and Dohuk.    


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