Jordan's Youth Commission “We Are All Jordan” goes online, powered by ESKADENIA

ESKADENIA, Amman, Jordan, August 2007 

“We Are All Jordan” Youth Commission has been taking practical steps in execution of the action plan resulting from the Youth Forum held in September 2006. A major milestone was the launching of a comprehensive and dynamic Web presence for the Commission to provide online interaction with the Jordanian youth.

The new website,, designed by ESKADENIA and fully developed using ESKADENIA’s advanced content management system, provides a myriad of online features and services that make visiting the website an interesting and insightful experience for youth.

Visitors of the website can easily navigate through its different sections to have comprehensive updates on the latest news, articles, photos, youth of the month, activities, and scheduled. News, events, and members can be displayed per selected governorates. Visitors can also participate in the polls and check latest voting results. Moreover, visitors can sign up to the Newsletter section to receive the Commission’s latest news e-mail circulations.

The website also allows visitors to register for membership at the “We Are All Jordan” Youth Commission by filling in a detailed registration form. Accordingly, registered users will be offered an e-mail account which they can check at any time through the website. In addition, member users are allowed to participate in the Discussion Forums presented online.

Using ESKADENIA® CMS, the Commission’s team can now have full control over their Web presence through content administration and structure management. New bilingual English-Arabic sections can be built using the Web Builder within the tool, which provides a high level of expandability and flexibility according to the Commission’s upcoming needs.

Moreover, the structure and main modules of the site, as well as the content, integration links, and business rules, have been deployed using ESADENIA® CMS implementation tools; the site is now an independent application that can be fully managed and developed on-site by the Commission’s users.

Using ESKADENIA® CMS, the “All For Jordan” Youth Commission will be taking its site into a new dynamic environment of control. The CMS system, based on Microsoft.NET, XHTML and CSS technologies, allows webmasters to benefit from a wide range of rich features without technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages. This will streamline the website administration process and reduce the workload. Provided features include the management of news, events, mailing lists, newsletters, website menus, images, and XHTML blocks, as well as the ability to build dynamic forms for registration purposes.

"NITC staff participated closely with ESKADENIA Software in all activities from the moment of preparing the agreement up to the steps of designing, developing, and launching the site. It is noteworthy that NITC executed along with this project a large scale training course for “All For Jordan” Youth Commission members with ESKADENIA Software providing IT training for the developers and hosted them at its offices.", said Dr. Haidar Fraihat, Director General at the National Information Technology Centre.

“We are very glad to have been able to participate with the ESKADENIA advanced technology in the Jordan Youth Commission. The Commission’s interactive site reflects the best of Jordan's youth participation and hope to the World Wide Web”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director and Co-Founder at ESKADENIA Software.

About “We Are All Jordan” Youth Commission

“We Are All Jordan" Youth Commission was established on 5 October 2006 as one of the recommendations of the "We Are All Jordan" Youth Forum which was held on 12-13 September 2006, attended by 750 young men and women representing various universities and youth institutions in the various governorates of the Kingdom.

Under his majesty's vision and continuous support, "We Are All Jordan" youth commission has been formed to give the Jordanian youth the space to achieve the best and excel in serving their country.
Therefore 12 workgroups have been formed, one in each governorate, in order to plan and implement different projects that would empower Jordanian youth and benefit the communities in the governorates.

The mission of the Commission is to follow up on the “All Jordan Youth” Forum action plan, communicate with Jordanian young people, supervise on holding the Forum periodically, and create a Think Tank.



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