ESKADENIA delivers Ticket Monitoring System to the Communications Development Company (CDC)
The ESKADENIA system is designed to effectively automate the process of capturing sets of images (car and license plate) and collecting all related data including location, speed, date and time into a centralised database and files directory for monitoring traffic violations. Manual feeding of information through the user-friendly interface can also be performed as necessary.

The database and files directory are designed in a manner that allows for optimum, flexible and secure retrieval of stored data. The well designed and structured database serves as solid grounds for the back-end engine and the user interface built on top, allowing for a smooth and convenient user experience.

With all needed data being well-structured and organised in the database, the system generates advanced Cluster Reports to be delivered to the Traffic Department for follow up.

Built using Microsoft .NET technology with an SQL Server Database, the system is scalable to meet new business requirements.

This collaboration between CDC and ESKADENIA Software demonstrated a good example of how to utilise global technical knowledge with local expertise in order to provide a comprehensive solution that is fully customised to meet the specific needs of a Jordanian client”, said Mr. Samir Narmouq, CDC General Manager.

He added, “Over the course of this nationally vital project, ESKADENIA Software demonstrated a world-class product at record time that met the client’s satisfaction in improving accuracy and operational efficiency. We were extremely impressed with ESKADENIA’s capabilities, professionalism and team spirit that helped make this project a great success”.

The collaboration between CDC and ESKADENIA Software is yet another example of best utilisation of IT in support of the local development. We are very proud of this contribution to the Security vertical and its applications and we thank CDC for having trust in our software”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software.

About Communications Development Company (CDC)

CDC was established in 1980 as one of the pioneering Jordanian companies in the field of Wireless Communications, Transmission Systems, Systems Integration, and Encryption Systems providing customers with the best and latest communications equipment, systems, services and turnkey solutions that are tailored to their specific needs through the best international partner vendors and highly qualified local technical and management expertise.

CDC has partnership and representation of major international companies including Motorola, Harris, Zetron, Ultra Electronics, Zultys, Crypto AG, among others. Over the past years, CDC carried out hundreds of projects for major public and private organizations customers including Jordan Telecom, Jordan Armed Forces (JAF), Public Security Directorate (PSD), Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), Municipality of Greater Amman, Aqaba Ports Authority, in addition to many others.


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