INJAZ spreads its message on the World Wide Web using ESKADENIA Content Management System
INJAZ site is now fully operational and has been designed and created in harmony with the organisation’s identity and its established mission of inspiring and preparing Jordanian youth, as well as enhancing their opportunities to join the job market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs.

Using ESKADENIA® CMS, INJAZ team can now have full control over the organisation’s Web presence through content administration and structure management. ESADENIA® CMS Web builder provides INJAZ with a bilingual English-Arabic site that provides comprehensive information regarding topics such as INJAZ’ partnership with the local community, corporate programs, latest educational projects launched by INJAZ, job placement programs, events and competitions, news and press releases, amongst many other services.

The structure and main modules of the site, as well as the content, integration links, and business rules, have also been deployed using ESADENIA® CMS implementation tools; the site is now an independent application that can be fully managed and developed on-site by INJAZ users.

Using ESKADENIA® CMS, INJAZ will be taking its site into a new dynamic environment of control. The CMS system, based on Microsoft.NET, XHTML and CSS technologies, allows INJAZ webmasters to benefit from a wide range of rich features without technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages. This will streamline the website administration process and reduce the workload. Provided features include the management of news, events, mailing lists, newsletters, website menus, images, and XHTML blocks, as well as the ability to build dynamic forms for registration purposes.

"This website acts as a frontier for INJAZ to reach out to all youth through the language of this generation and the advanced technology with which the site has been developed", said Deema Bibi, CEO of INJAZ. She added, “it is very important for INJAZ to have a Web presence to continuously introduce its programs and objectives and increase awareness, as the site remains a comprehensive reference for any question or inquiry”.

The INJAZ site serves in preparing the Jordanian youth to join the job market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs with unique skills and programs. We are so glad to have been able to participate with this mission using the ESKADENIA technology. We are further committed to serve INJAZ as a trusted IT partner”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software.


INJAZ was announced as a Jordanian non-profit organisation by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah in 2001 after being launched by Save the Children in 1999 with funds from the USAID.

INJAZ provides unique courses that focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, problem solving, and social skills. Professional volunteers from both the private and public sectors conduct these courses, where the dynamic interaction between students and classroom volunteers, who have practical business experience, promotes active learning and brings theory to life.

A main pillar at INJAZ, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah II, has shown great interest and support since the inception of the program. Her continuous and abundant support took many shapes; she volunteered to conduct some courses, participated in the student discussions and debates, and launched the INJAZ initiatives. Throughout the years, Her Majesty has been a partner that INJAZ is honoured to have.


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