Female executives of ESKADENIA take part in local and regional women empowerment missions
Executive Director of ESKADENIA, Doha Abdelkhaleq, participated in a 4-day business summit, hosted by the International Women’s Forum (IWF), which brought fifty women business executives from Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates together along with fifty women business leaders from the United States. The Amman Women Business Leaders summit, which took place from February 28th to March 3rd, gave the women a platform to share their experiences and exchange ideas in order to encourage the role of women as full and equal partners in the economic and social development of the Middle East.

The summit fostered a spirit of friendship, partnership and respect between the US and Arab countries by the involvement of the many accomplished business leaders that represent the two regions. As part of this two-way exchange, Ms Abdelkhaleq will travel with the Arab businesswomen to the United States in the spring to visit American partner companies and exchange views on management styles and business skills.

Under the banner of a similar slogan of woman achievement and empowerment, the First National Businesswomen Conference was launched under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah at the Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday, March 4th, by the Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women. On behalf of ESKADENIA, Communication Manager Lina Hussein and Marketing Executive Noor Tabalat participated in the event along with over 120 businesswomen from various regions of the Kingdom.

The objective of the event was to address practical issues businesswomen face in their roles and involvement in Jordan's developing economy. Jordanian women have achieved many accomplishments in contributing to the economic growth of the Kingdom; however obstacles that they face in terms of the lack of support in education and access to information were also highlighted. The subjects discussed at the event are hoped to become the groundwork towards launching initiatives that will strengthen the decision-making power of women and increase their involvement in Jordan's economy.

About the International Women’s Forum

The International Women’s Forum (IWF) was founded in 1982 in the United States of America and is a global organisation of pre-eminent women of significant and diverse achievement. Members come together across national and international boundaries to share knowledge and ideas, to enrich each other's lives, to provide a network of support and to exert influence. Through the Leadership Foundation, the International Women's Forum helps prepare future generations of women leaders.

About the Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women

Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Woman (JFBPW) is one of the most active NGOs in Jordan, carrying business Woman’s banner for promoting positive change. Their activities have been covering several socio-economic goals of members and those of women at large.


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