ESKADENIA actively engages in the Jordan ICT Forum 2006
ESKADENIA, Dead Sea, Jordan, December, 2006

Jordan's premier technology forum addressed major strategic issues concerning the economic development based on ICT and highlighted several successful models in the sector. It also showcased outstanding ICT accomplishments through the workshops running during the two days. ESKADENIA Software Solutions presented its products, services and business culture from its booth at the Exhibition hall.

Mr Nael Salah, Founder & Managing Director of ESKADENIA, contributed to the first panel session of the Forum which focused on Regional Telecommunications Opportunities. “We could prove that there is a room for regional suppliers in the Middle East for the high-tech telecommunication industry and it is indeed possible to develop edge systems developed by local competence. The human capital that we have here in Jordan and in the region in general is quite substantial, and this human capital can design and build technology systems competitive to international companies from many aspects”, stated Mr Salah during the panel session.

In answer to where he’s going to roll out his business next, Mr Salah said: “We think that the liberalisation and market forces taking place in the region are just in the beginning. If we look into a more matured market like Europe, we can see a huge competition between the operators, which makes them look into other cost effective solutions from all aspects. There is a huge market for companies like ours where we can provide local knowledge with globally-competitive systems, support and customised attention to customers and understanding to the culture that operates here".

Challenged by the audience’s inquiry about what would make a company like ESKADENIA stand out between the giant global telecom software suppliers, Mr Salah confidently stated that “we have been increasing our sales for the last three years in an average of about 40% and this may become exemplary to other companies with the same level of determination and ambition in the software business. It is possible to establish successful companies in Jordan and to export products and services instead of relying on our old ways of exporting people only. Let’s keep the talented people needed for technology development here and make them work in a good environment. We have many success factors with us; we have a leadership which is extremely interested in making Jordan a place for skilled labour and products, and technology companies; we have also cost effectiveness in the country. From many different aspects we can see that it is possible to build successful companies with minimal risk".

Concluding two-days of seminars and workshops, Ms Doha Abdelkhaleq, Co-founder of ESKADENIA and Vice Chairman of the Information Technology Association-Jordan (int@j) delivered a closing note to the Forum’s audience; int@j has accepted the challenge of developing the sector since year 2000; we stand here today proud and responsible for over $580 million worth of a sector, of 105% increase in IT export activities and at least 17% increase in employment from last year. This was done through a fascinating collection of Jordanian IT companies that decided to step to the level of initiatives necessary in order to bring about a truly vibrant and export oriented ICT industry from Jordan". Ms Abdelkhaleq added, int@j will be focusing on the strategic issues that matter to the sector, example, transfer of technology, brain gain, competence development and training, and on the partnership between the private and the public sector. It is also the right time and place to translate the statement that our people are our best asset into a way of work".

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