Fastlink launches one of the 1st regional Microsoft-based Points of Sale systems developed by ESKADENIA.

The UniCAM Points of Sale is an advanced web-based system for managing and performing the sales activities of mobile services and handsets at Fastlink's showrooms and shops.

Upon the customer's request, the system users can update the customer's account and subscription by applying features adjustments such as adding/removing Voice/SMS/MMS/GPRS features and creating multiple accounts. Accordingly, the customer's account will be immediately updated in Fastlink's billing database and then reflected through the telecom operator's switches onto the customer's handheld devices.

The sales staff can furthermore access the system's features through the operator's wide area network (WAN) with a high level of controlled security applied within the network. In addition, the deployed points of sale system can, with a high degree of flexibility, fully integrate with any other sales-related-systems already running at the operator's offices.

The system was built using Microsoft's .NET technology. With its dynamic architecture and advanced features, Fastlink's system engineers can easily update the system to meet the ongoing new requirements of the points of sale operations. The UniCAM system will be further developed with new features directly through an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

"ESKADENIA’s commitment and expertise has driven us to use their capabilities to achieve our own goals. The services, which are delivered by them, fulfil our requirements. With this new web-based system, we will have more flexibility in managing the business processes effectively and in a short period of time”, stated Fastlink's CEO Mohammed Saqer. Mr Saqer added that Fastlink has worked during the past ten years to establish a strong client base, enabling it today to stand as one of the leading mobile companies in Jordan and the Middle East. All this, he added, was possible through the utilisation of modern technologies and its continued efforts to satisfy customers with the highest level of services.

"As one of the largest telecom operators in the Middle East, Fastlink has always been a leader in adopting state-of-the-art technology. With the implementation of the UniCAM Points of Sale system, Fastlink has once again demonstrated its foresight, while adopting new core systems to increase the agility of its business processes. This in turn will also support the implementation of enhanced and personalised customer service channels and an improved customer satisfaction", said Zeid Shubeilat, Microsoft Jordan Country Manager.

He added, “We value highly the trust that Fastlink is placing in Microsoft and its partner ESKADENIA and will continue working with the telecom industry in the region to ensure that their technology platform is flexible and scalable enough to support their growth requirements”.

"This project is a major milestone in the region in terms of providing world-class solutions to Telecom enterprises, and one of the first Microsoft .NET-based Points of Sale systems developed by a regional software house. We are proud of working with Fastlink as it leads the regional telecom market with its high-tech systems and environment", said Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software Solutions.

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