The National Centre for Human Resources Development (NCHRD) launches an Electronic Labour Exchange that matches work to people and people to work.
The Electronic Labour Exchange system and Al-Manar website aim at enhancing the development and utilisation of Jordanian human resources in support of national economics development in a globally competitive environment. The purpose of this project is to ensure that labour market decision-making by institutions, employers and prospective employees is made on the basis of comprehensive, timely and regularly updated gender-sensitive information systems that are supported by continuous technical and internet-based services.

The project will tap into three components; all components will be accessed through Al-Manar website which will be managed dynamically using ESKADENIA's exemplary Content Management System (ESKADENIA® CMS), thus, staff can add, change and delete site content without manipulating any HTML or scripting code. The project components include: the Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE); the Human Resources Information System (HRIS); and the Professional Career Counselling (PCC).

The Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE) is a web-based service that matches work to people and people to work. Using a skill checklist, employers can create a profile of the position they need filled, identify the skills, education and experience they are looking for. Jobseekers can create similar profiles, using a skill checklist to describe their skills, education and experience. The Electronic Labour Exchange will allow users to make an advanced search. This system aims at heightening and increasing Jordan labour-market effectiveness through disseminating details of job opportunities displayed by the internet to provide work for those job-seekers within a short time. The system decreases the recruitment procedures and offers good chances for employers to employ the proper labour force.

"By focusing on the Human Resources Development in Jordan, Al-Manar project has been recognised as a national project contributing to the development of knowledge, society and economy, and complementing efforts in building up the e-government and e-learning initiatives. We believe that IT systems play a key role here. The Electronic Labour Exchange system developed by ESKADENIA proves how technology can best serve in matching people to jobs and jobs to people in the most efficient and effective ways", said Dr. Nader Mryyan, Al-Manar Project Director.

"We are glad to have taken part in such a project that aims at best matching the Jordanian labour market with its valuable human resources. Our robust IT capabilities, as well as consultancy in the field, have proven to translate into effective IT solutions, which are branding ESKADENIA as the enabler of businesses in a diversity of market segments. This project goes in general, along with a national focus on the Human Resources development issues in Jordan being led by the National Centre for Human Resources Development (NCHRD)", said Ms Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software Solutions.

About NCHRD and Al-Manar Project

The National Centre for Human Resources Development (NCHRD) is a semi-autonomous institute of the Higher Council for Science and Technology. The significant goal of the NCHRD is to create a balance between the outputs of training and education programs on the one hand and the knowledge, skill, ability and attitudinal requirements of the labour market on the other hand. In recognition of the key role that NCHRD is to perform in the development of the nation’s human resources, the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has mandated NCHRD as the lead agency responsible for coordinating and monitoring investments in educational reform programs to ensure maximum benefit is realized.

Al-Manar project provides a full set of Human Resources Development integrated services, targeting a large part of the population in Jordan and the region. It provides updated, timely and internet-based information about human resources in Jordan, counselling tools, and Job bank systems for job seekers, students and employers. The Project will build up partnership among productive sectors, education institutions, labour market and local communities to enhance the learning process and to provide more jobs as well as to promote economic and personal development and to encourage individual's personal and career growth.

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