ESKADENIA launches a Government Resource Planning software (GRP).
ESKADENIA® GRP system is designed to meet the largest set of requirements in the Governmental sector. The system automates the governmental departments' work cycles, reduces operational cost, simplifies operations, speeds up work, decreases the routine procedures to the minimum, maintains historical data, and ensures a high level of security. Moreover, the system's modules provide a collaborative environment for information management across the departments, and allow users to capture up-to-the-minute information whenever required.

The system provides any governmental department with the proper tools to efficiently plan and manage government resources and maintain control over financial aspects, Project Costing, Treasury, Purchase Orders, Human Resources, Payroll & Time Attendance, Inventory, and Fixed Assets transactions. The modules have a very high level of integration with each other, thus paving for the needed automation required within a fully integrated IT work environment. In addition to their dynamic and high performance capabilities, the modular systems support multi-department, multi-currency, and multi-user operations and provide user-level authorisation.

ESKADENIA® GRP also integrates with ESKADENIA® Workflow system, allowing departments to define and manage work processes from start to end and streamline collaboration between various team members.

The Microsoft.Net-based bilingual system provides extensive reports and statistics and has a user-friendly interface that provides users with easy access to various information and processes. The system's scalability translates into efficient handling of greater volumes of transactions and smoothly manages growing work demands.

"As today's governments’ departments aim to achieve efficiency and professionalism through the best of technology offerings, we have found in this initiative a prosperous opportunity to meet, through our solutions of choice, the demands and requirements of this important sector", said Nael Salah, Managing Director at ESKADENIA Software Solutions. He added, "Our GRP system comes to highlight the flexibility of ESKADENIA IT Products and Solutions as well as ESKADENIA's research and development competencies in spite of the evident diversity in the targeted markets".


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