ESKADENIA Software Solutions sponsors a Ramadan Children Program performed by the Family International org.
As part of its corporate citizenship practices and in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan, ESKADENIA Software Solutions has sponsored a Ramadan Children Program for 120 orphans of The Islamic Charity Centre Society- Al Baq'a Orphan Centre; The Islamic Charity Center Society-Marj Al Hammam, Naur; and The Jordanian Women's Union- Marj Al Hammam, Naur.

The program, conducted by The Family International- a non-profit organisation that serves community projects- included clown shows, puppets shows, songs, and stories about goodness, kindness and helping each other. The event was wrapped with joy, good cheer, and lots of children's laughter and smiles. At the end of the show, both ESKADENIA and The International Family's teams distributed balloons and gifts to all children and greeted them with wishes for a Happy Ramadan and many good returns of the season.

About The Family International

The Family International is a non-profit organisation made up of full time volunteers that has operated in the Middle East since 1993. The community service projects include educational, cultural and humanitarian projects. For more information, contact Tel: 077/923277, E-mail:


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