ESKADENIA holds its fourth Annual Conference and General Meeting on the 9th of October
The Fourth Annual Conference & General Meeting of ESKADENIA Software Solutions will be held at Haret Jdoudna in the old city of Madaba on Saturday the 9TH of October 2004. Under the theme "The light is brighter". The activities will be symbolising vision and direction despite the mounting challenges at the fourth year of the establishment of an ICT company.

Managing Partners @ ESKADENIA will be celebrating both employees and customers who contributed to the development of ESKADENIA. The Agenda varies from talent shows and debate sessions to prizes and theatre by Mr. Nabeel Sawalha who will end the evening with his own comic
re-collection of living and working as a good corporate citizen !

Registration Required: Yes

RSVP: Internal activity for ESKADENIA Staff and customers. For more information, please contact: Dana El Werr / event co-ordinator at ESKADENIA Tel. + 962 6 5510717 Fax + 962 6 55 10719 at: Email:


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