ESKADENIA launches a state of the art e-schooling management system with DeniaSchool®
Built on the latest Microsoft.NET technology, the system provides a seamless, streamlined integration of functions to handle a truly effective school function including attendance, grading, class scheduling, communications and much more.
In a more modern society that seeks to create an educational environment that serves in implementing the needed computer and IT knowledge, the newly launched DeniaSchool® helps in establishing a habit by teachers, students and parents to use the Internet for education and human communication, and adapt what technology has to offer into their daily life.
The bilingual English/Arabic system serves an unlimited number of users (teachers, students and parents). The system's flexibility allows for expansion to accept additional modules with the required integration, thus making the system customisable to the optimal utilisation of any school.

About DeniaSchool®

The system consists of two main parts; the E-Schooling and the School Management. The former supports interaction between the educational pyramid through the Teachers, Students, and Parents modules, which can be accessed by a special user name and password for each user. The E-Schooling features provide an advanced SMS Notification Module that allows targeted and direct transfer of messages to the parents' cellular phones. Also Chat Rooms are provided through the Web for controlled chat sessions within the system's users. Chatting boards and calendars are available, providing a powerful tool for the exchange of queries, suggestions and ideas between teachers, students, and parents. As for the School Management part of DeniaSchool®, it provides a reliable tool for managing admission, class registration, student registration, maintenance of academic years, student information, and user privileges over the system. It also provides a user-friendly way of generating and managing timetables and generating assessment and attendance sheets for each student. "Through working with schools, educators and administrators, ESKADENIA has developed a deep level of understanding and commitment to the educational process. Coming up with DeniaSchool® has been a successful effort to fill in the gap left behind by e-education systems that seek to merely transform traditional curricula into electronic format", said Doha Abdelkhaleq executive director at ESKADENIA. She added, "Our DeniaSchool® complements those systems by e-enabling the whole schooling environment and providing an easy-to-use suite of web-based tools to perform the non-ending daily school routines and to provide parents with a cushion of assurance that their children's performance is controlled and supervised around the clock by a click of a button".


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