ESKADENIA and MIG shake hands on the EWMS®

EWMS® (ESKADENIA Wireless Messaging System) is an important business tool that allows companies to interact with their clients through the two-way messaging options available to and from mobile phones. The idea of EWMS® is to enable businesses to send and receive messages to and from their clients with a dynamic content using an SMS pull-push service.

The flexibility of EWMS® allows MIG, a leading financial services company first established in the state of Delaware U.S.A., to categorise its clients and automatically send messages to those clients from the MIG trading server. This powerful tool will distinguish MIG within its market segment by improving efficiency and lead-time for a wide range of financial services.

The MIG clients can now benefit from 24/7 updates on actual prices of currencies, bullions, commodities, stocks and precious metals with zero delay. Clients and brokers can also easily monitor their portfolio by sending and receiving messages through the pull-push service that EWMS® provides.

Moreover, the system is integrated with the MIG Trade Server; internal operating systems at MIG, in order to provide the clients with real-time information in the time-critical business of investments.

“The EWMS is an electronic messaging application that reaches out to the widest audience possible. ESKADENIA provides top-of-the-notch technology which in turn will help MIG in its relentless effort to serving its clientele in less time and cost”, added Mrs. Seibel Tanisik, Marketing Manager at MIG.

"ESKADENIA strives to apply the latest technologies in the field of Cellular and Wireless Telecommunications. We are confident that the ESKADENIA Wireless Messaging System will contribute to increase the level of efficiency and quality of service at MIG, a leading company in the Investment Field", said Mr. Basel Qutaishat, Manager, Sales and Marketing.

About MIG

MIG INVESTMENTS GROUP L.L.C is a financial services company first established in the state of Delaware, U.S.A.. Through offices and subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia, MIG plays a leading role satisfying the needs of a wide base of clients in a highly competitive industry. Institutional and private clients from around the world can trade Forex, Major Stock Indices, Futures OTC, Precious Metals and Commodities, and prices are quoted 24 hours a day from the start of business in Asia on Sunday till the close of the markets in the U.S.A on Friday.

About EWMS

EWMS® is a messaging platform developed by ESKADENIA Software Solutions/ Wireless Solutions to enable businesses and customers to benefit from real-time information adding value to the interacting parties.

The Java and JSP (JSPL) built application can enhance the marketing methods which many businesses apply today using SMS, MMS and email. It offers solutions to the corporate sectors to improve their productivity and customer service and enable more efficient use of time and resources. EWMS® can be implemented as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated with existing software.

EWMS® provides a bulk messaging platform that can be used to easily send and receive bulk SMS messages at a cheaper cost, providing a convenient way to send messages to clients and customers to provide them with just-in-time information, marketing material, or any other types of messages. The system has the ability to send and receive Multilingual Text Messages, Ring Tones Messages, Picture Messages and Logo Operator Images.


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