ESKADENIA brings online the Jordanian Social Security Investment Unit

In line with its objectives to serve the Jordanian economy and citizens, the Social Security Corporation has given special care to furnish the financial society and foreign investors with comprehensive easy-to-access information through its Investment Unit’s website. reflects the mission and objectives of the Investment Unit and contains comprehensive information about the Investment Unit’s history, departments, investment strategy and financial performance. Information has been sorted into user-friendly drop-down menus that make navigation through the website’s sections more flexible.

The bilingual Arabic/ English website provides online forms for buying and selling land, and applying for job vacancies. Latest news are provided and frequently asked questions are regularly updated to answer what would come to the readers’ minds and further encourage them to join the Investment Unit’s programs. In addition, the website includes a Contact Us form through which the visitor can directly submit and send his queries.

“We feel proud to have taken part in the wheel of development and automation for Jordan’s leading financial institutions, said Mr. Basel Qutaishat, Sales Manager at ESKADENIA.

About Investment Unit

The Investment Unit is a specialised unit in the Social Security Corporation, mandated with the management of the Social Security Corporation’s financial reserves according to an investment policy approved by the Social Security Corporation. The Unit’s objective is to manage the corporation’s investments in a way that maintains growth of its financial resources, taking into consideration the following principles: Maintaining the real value of the corporation’s assets and investments; achieving consistent revenue; reducing risk by diversifying the investment portfolio; and providing the needed cash flow to meet the corporation’s financial obligations when needed.


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