The General Arabia Insurance Company automates its Medical Insurance operations using ESKADENIA Software Solutions

The ESKADENIA medical insurance system that will be deployed at the GAIC’s premises is designed to meet the largest set of business requirements in the Medical Insurance field. The system automates the Medical Insurance life cycle, reduces operational cost, simplifies operations, speeds up work, maintains historical data, and ensures a high level of security.

The new comprehensive system provides a collaborative environment for information management across GAIC’s departments and allows users to capture up-to-the-minute information whenever required. The system will be, in addition, integrated with the financial modules of ESKADENIA® Business Manager (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Payable) to maintain the needed financial information and accounts updates.

The Oracle based system allows GAIC employees to define insurance products and networks, manage insurance claims and reinsurance transactions in an efficient and simple manner. The bi-lingual system provides, in addition, extensive reports and statistics and enables GAIC users to access various information and processes through user-friendly interfaces.

Powerful functionalities included in the medical insurance system are designed to reduce the possibility of medical insurance fraud and abuse while enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of daily operations.

In addition, the system will allow the elimination of any Third Party Administration charges for the claims processing while offering a strong base for direct communication with customers and full control over customer relationships.

Moreover, the web-enabled modules of the medical insurance system further enhance the efficiency of conducting insurance transactions by both GAIC staff and clients. Policyholders would be able to preview their policy information through the Internet;medical providers would be able to submit their own claims; and re-insurers would be able to preview their own reports, treaties, policies, and claims, with the full security needed according to the business rules.

“This contract reflects the GAIC’s determination to pursue insurance operational excellence. ESKADENIA’s e-insurance products are fully compatible with the legal requirements of the Insurance Regulatory Commission as well as the International market standards, and focus on the increasing demands of the customers, and re-insurers. We are glad to take part in the evolution in the Insurance business through our specialised e-insurance solutions”, said Shadi Saadeh, Sales Manager at ESKADENIA Software Solutions.

About General Arabia Insurance Co.

General Arabia Insurance Co. (GAIC) was established in 1975, with a unique and positive insight and approach, covering insurance activities that include Life, Medical, Motor, Marine, Fire and General Accident, in Jordan and the Arab World. GAIC’s varied and productive insurance policies cater for individuals and groups, public and private concerns. Since the establishment of GAIC, it has been its policy to meet customers' needs and expectations by establishing and maintaining superior levels of services and operating efficiency. GAIC has also sought and acquired ISO 9002 international certification, which provides the quality assurance necessary for a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and creates new dimensions of business excellence.


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