ESKADENIA signs with the Summit Auto Trade Facilities for Instalment Sales and ERP systems

The Sales System is a highly developed IT tool that will provide instalment control over the management of sales transactions for the Summit Auto Trade Facilities operations in Jordan. Users of the system will be able to define customers, guarantors and contracts with all needed information to maintain a comprehensive database for the operation. The system will provide revenue recognition and instalment scheduling, manage collection processes, support early settlement and discounts, apply late payment charges, and allow for professional follow up with customers through automatic alerts generated according to pre-defined parameters. The system will also support customer transfers and restructuring, which provides flexibility that meets customers’ needs.

The Instalment Sales System will be integrated with the accounting modules of ESKADENIA® ERP system including the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable, in order to maintain the financial information and accounts updates. Integration between both systems will be fully user- configurable and the financial modules will be automatically and continuously reading input from the Instalment Sales System, which provides accurate up-to-the-minute reports and statistics of any part of the operation.

The bilingual English-Arabic user-friendly systems are built on Oracle 9i database, using Oracle Developer 6i tools. The systems will provide a collaborative environment for information management across the company’s departments. The systems’ scalability will translate into efficient handling of greater volumes of loan transactions and smoothly manages growing work demands.

This contract with the Summit Auto Trade Facilities further solidifies ESKADENIA’s place in the international IT industry”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software Solutions.

About Sumitomo Corporation

Established in December 24, 1919, headquartered in Tokyo-Japan, Sumitomo Corporation conducts commodity transactions in all industries utilising worldwide networks and provides related customers with various financing. It serves as an organiser and a coordinator for various projects, and invests in businesses from the information industry to the retailing industry. Sumitomo Corporation is recognised worldwide to be a leading Integrated Business Enterprise.


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