ESKADENIA establishes a job incubator at the University of Yarmouk
In line with the national vision to bring about highly qualified Jordanian human resources to the IT sector, ESKADENIA has established an IT business incubator at the premises of the University of Yarmouk.

New graduates will be provided with real time projects and with professional training as means to sharpen current university skills and competencies, in preparation for a future employment in the IT sector.

ESKADENIA will also participate in the development of IT curriculum for the concerned faculties, support bilateral research and development with the academia, and help to raise practical methods for IT education.

“We believe that today’s graduates form a very important corner stone for the IT future in Jordan. The quality of graduates to meet the sector demands is essential to keeping our well-earned reputation in Jordan as the providers of highly qualified human resources and also to meet increasing regional and international demand on the sector. The University of Yarmouk, its president and its deans have shown a remarkable dedication to competence development and training issues”, said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software Solutions.

This agreement comes in co-ordination with int@j’s efforts that aims at establishing a Centre of Excellence at the University of Yarmouk in co-operation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded AMIR Program.

“The project is a step forward to establish an entrepreneurial centre to better serve regional ICT market needs. Our graduates will have better understanding of workplace interactions and will gain practical skills that will make them ready for the ICT job market and for spinning off small businesses”, said Ra’ed Bilbessi, CEO of int@j.

About Yarmouk Centre of Excellence

Recent reforms in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry of Jordan and neighbouring countries dramatically changed the way ICT businesses are organised. Much effort has been devoted to establish linkage and enhance collaboration between academia and industry to better serve the sector’s needs and leapfrog into a knowledge-based economy. As part of this national effort, int@j representing the private sector seeks to establish an academic entrepreneurial centre of excellence to promote creativity and innovation in the field of applied ICTs, and more importantly, crystallise business, faculty, and student intellectual ideas and transforming them into real-life products.

The centre will provide the enabling environment and services to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. The centre will cooperate with the industry to develop software products in a variety of applications including medical and pharmaceutical applications, engineering sciences, system designs, business strategies and solutions, and complex systems modelling and simulation. The centre will also offer opportunities to students and faculty to work on projects that could potentially provide challenging learning experiences and meet market needs.


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