ESKADENIA joins top-echelon internationals at CeBIT 2004
For the third year in a row, ESKADENIA Software Solutions participates in CeBIT 2004, which is taking place in Hannover-Germany from the 18th to the 24th of March 2004. ESKADENIA representatives will be available for presentations and product overviews at the Jordanian pavilion, hall No.4, stand B 70.

At this year’s exhibition, ESKADENIA is presenting a wide range of products and services that target the needs of the international market place, including ESKADENIA®BCRM (Billing & Customer Relationship Management), ESKADENIA®Business Manager (ERP), ESKADENIA® Insures (General & Medical e-Insurance Solution), ESKADENIA® CMS (Content Management System), Multi-Access Portals, and ESKADENIA’s MMS-C (Multi-Media Messaging Centre).

ESKADENIA targets expanding business areas in the fields of Telecommunications, Internet and Enterprise. The services and expertise that ESKADENIA will be presenting at CeBIT are designed to help clients reduce operational costs, increase revenues, improve external and internal communications and general perception of the company.

“The Jordanian participation at CeBIT-Hannover is being arranged by the Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centre (JEDCO) who are putting remarkable efforts in helping the Jordanian IT companies to reach out with their products line-up to the global market. Their continuous support in such world-leading events allows us to get an added insight into the future of IT and communications as seen by the industry’s international leaders”, said Ms Doha Abdelkhaleq, executive director at ESKADENIA.


ESKADENIA Software Solutions is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications, Enterprise and Internet Applications areas. The company is based in Jordan and has activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ESKADENIA is a product and market-oriented organisation that assists enterprises and promotes businesses by use of highly effective IT strategies, tools and solutions. More than 70% of ESKADENIA sales is exported to the Global IT market.

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