Top-notch Jordanian medical services now online…powered by ESKADENIA
Through its innovative look and advanced development features, the new KMC website provides detailed information about the clinical, medical and non-medical services the centre offers.

The content of the website can be accessed through easy to use, drop down and hierarchically structured menus facilitating the navigation through its sections and pages. A variety of health topics can be regularly updated and published in an alphabetical index-like categorisation, which enables the visitors to easily look up their desired topics. also provides a number of online forms including a Patient Survey for collecting feedback about the centre’s services, and a Contact Us form that allows the website visitors to submit questions and queries to the doctors of KMC.

Moreover, through the Admin site, the website administrator can utilise advanced content management tools to create and update the centre’s newsletters, articles, FAQs and website banners. The administrator can also create profiles for the centre’s doctors and the available specialties, adding more flexibility and enrichment to the functionalities of the website.

ESKADENIA team has applied the latest in web design and development to create a high calibre website that can be considered as a local medical reference.

“Residing the World Wide Web through an advanced and comprehensive website comes in line with our objectives to provide best-class services to our clients and visitors”, said. Walid Maaytah, marketing manager at Al Khalidi Medical Centre. He added, “ESKADENIA’s reputable achievements in web development were a major reason behind our choice.”

“Applying cutting edge Internet technologies in creating an advanced Internet presence for a leading medical centre in Jordan is another finger-print for ESKADENIA in the web development industry; there is indeed an open gate for a huge market of medical services in the Arab region”, said Shadi Saadeh, sales manager at ESKADENIA.

About Al Khalidi Medical Centre

Established in 1978 as a maternity hospital in Amman, Al Khalidi Medical Centre (KMC) today is a heart and comprehensive specialty hospital. KMC has a wide range of highly specialized services available to meet the growing needs of our patients. The centre has around 700 staff providing round-the-clock personalized care to patients every hour of the day, every day of the year. Al Khalidi Medical Centre derives its strength from its nationally-recognized physicians and surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipments, as well as the highly-trained staff and nurses which enable the centre to offer a number of highly specialized medical and surgical procedures.


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