ESKADENIA joins EJADA in building a work base for the New graduates of today…the IT entrepreneurs of tomorrow
With the objective to help the Jordanian youth in laying the building blocks for the country’s future IT Industry, ESKADENIA will be adopting fresh graduates through a program called Graduate Enterprise Programme (GEP), introduced by the Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprise (EJADA). The program in general enables the graduates to work for Jordanian Enterprises where these “trainees/ employees” are entitled to the same rights of the Enterprise’s employees. The total service period in this agreement is one year through which five weeks of training are provided.

Stress has been placed on the presence of a mentor who will be responsible for supervising, helping, training and coaching the graduates among other things. The Enterprise has the choice to either retain the “trainee/ employee” after the year has passed or to release him. Having said that, however, and considering the quality candidates selected as eligible for recruitment by EJADA, a full retention for those employees comes naturally, providing job opportunities in the IT industry for our young Jordanian IT males and females.

Our Human Resources’ vision at ESKADENIA places a great emphasis on attracting and retaining new talents; by joining this programme, fresh graduates are naturally incorporated in the industry as early as possible”, said Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq, executive director at ESKADENIA.


EJADA is the first Industrial Modernisation Program (IMP) implemented in the South Mediterranean region. It was established between the European Commission and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. EJADA began its work on January 2001 and will continue until July 2005. It is dedicated to facilitate the integration of the Euro-Mediterranean free trade area through its work to modernise and upgrade Jordanian industry, while improving the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and their environment.


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