ESKADENIA ahead with the latest in e-insurance.
The generic ESKADENIA®Insures system is designed to meet the largest set of business requirements in the General and Medical Insurance fields. The system has been designed to automate the General and Medical Insurance life cycles, reduce operational cost, speed up work, maintain historical data, and ensure a high level of security.

The new comprehensive system provides a collaborative environment for information management across all insurance companies’ departments and allows users to capture up-to-the-minute information whenever required. The system is fully integrated with the Financial & Human Resources modules of ESKADENIA® Business Manager to provide comprehensive financial information and accounts updates.

The Oracle based and web-enabled system allows users to define insurance products and networks, and manage insurance claims and reinsurance transactions in an efficient and simple manner. Through integration with ESKADENIA® Workflow system, Insurance Companies using the system can now efficiently handle greater volumes of insurance operations and smoothly manage work processes across their offices. The bi-lingual system provides extensive reports and statistics and enables users to access various information and processes through user-friendly interfaces.

Moreover, the system is integrated with ESKADENIA® CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which supports Marketing, Sales and Customer Support features. The CRM system gives an insight into the behaviour and potential value of customers and potential customers, and provides better customer service.

“We have put considerable efforts in building an advanced, scalable and flexible insurance solution, enabling Insurance Companies to provide quality services to their customers. This unique, quality and comprehensive Insurance product from ESKADENIA, combined with the ESKADENIA reputed world class support services, provide companies with tools to effectively compete in the Insurance area. We look forward to move with our products and services into further successes in Jordan and the region", stated Mr. Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA.

About ESKADENIA® Insures

ESKADENIA® Insures has been developed from scratch by ESKADENIA using the latest international software practices. The system is compatible with the local requirements of the Jordanian insurance industry and highly customisable according to specific customer needs. The system provides extensive range of insurance reports and statistics and is web-enabled to allow access through the Internet. It can integrate with other systems including ESKADENIA® Business Manager, CRM and Work Flow systems.


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